Package your IP

Platforms need repeatable offerings to sell.

Stage Three focuses on packaging repeatable intellectual property by looking at your existing sales and identifying current groups of offerings sold together, taking these groups of items and new opportunities which your team believes would have substantial demands from existing or potential customers.

The platform design objective fulfilled by Stage Three is to create repeatable offerings which can be pushed into the market at volume while limiting costs.  Utilising the platform's functionality, these offerings are packaged correctly for repeatable transactions.

Products implemented

Service Builder


Package five offerings and push them into the market with skills acquired in Stages one and two.

Core processes

Internal Teams
Service exec outlines service taxonomy and service departments / Lines of business (LOB).
LOB owners add services and service teams.
Services teams run through the process of making Services.



Services builder overview
Services - Exec


Services structure set up
Services - Exec


Allocation of Service LOB owners
Services - Exec


Outline of required services and services team
Services - Category owner


Service builder wizard
Services - Team Members


Launch services to both Marketplaces
Services - Exec


Drive services into market - using Service Builder output
Marketing - Operations


Build awarenesss and trust
Marketing - Operations
Stage 1

Your digital foundation

Profitable scaling means automating process to save costs.

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Stage 2

Your growth mechanism

Acquiring new customers at an affordable cost.

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Stage 3

your IP

Platforms need repeatable, scalable offerings to sell.

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Stage 4

Scaling using platform dynamics

Combine all the different components to accelerate your growth.

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