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A personalised customer experience, in their own environment for their needs.

The ChannelCenter Marketplace gives your customers visibility of all your available offerings, helping you to increase transactional value through greater product exposure. This is facilitated through vertical supplier (distribution & vendor) integration. Marketplaces are pre-integrated making them plug and play.

Maximise your revenue with seamless customer self-service marketplaces with ChannelCenter Marketplace, providing your customers with visibility of all your offerings.

Through vertical supplier distribution and vendor integration, our pre-integrated marketplaces become plug-and-play, making transactions seamless.

Why Choose Our Marketplace? Our digital buying experience guarantees the convenience and responsiveness customers expect. With showcased products, including detailed information and images, and the ability to create customised marketplaces, you can showcase only relevant products to specific clients. Additionally, you can run promo banners that highlight new product offerings and deals, giving your clients end-to-end visibility of your full suite of products and services.

Choose ChannelCenter Marketplace to simplify transactions, enhance customer experience, and increase revenue opportunities.

Sell faster and competitively with ChannelCenter's Sales Automation. Say goodbye to manual quote creation and lengthy order turnaround times.

ChannelCenter streamlines every step of the sales process, from customer requests to asset management, with its Sales Automation solution.

Our platform aggregates vendor and distribution feeds, allowing for direct quote creation and a seamless digital customer quote approval process with automated fulfillment.

Plus, our workflow automation reduces the need for manual sales interventions, giving you more time to focus on closing deals. With standardised quoting templates and centralised financial visibility, the entire sales process is efficiently managed in one place. You'll enjoy compliance, cost and complexity reduction, and greater visibility into the quote and invoice status for faster, more competitive selling. Choose ChannelCenter for streamlined, simple, and successful sales automation.

Create Personalised Shopping Experiences for Your Customers

With our customised catalogue service, you can offer your customers a personalised shopping experience that matches their needs and preferences.
They can view and shop from a curated selection of products at the unique price point that suits them while still having access to all the offerings sold by their technology provider.
This service can help you increase your revenue by upselling more products, save time by reducing the need for manual cataloguing, and improve customer satisfaction by providing tailored solutions.

The reseller growth methodology overview diagram

Increase Customer Experiences with White-labelled Marketplaces.

With a white-labelled marketplace, you can offer your customers a personalised and seamless shopping experience. You can customise the look and feel of your marketplace to match your brand identity and values.

A white-labelled marketplace also helps you increase your revenue by enabling you to upsell products and services that complement your core offerings. Moreover, a white-labelled marketplace saves you time and resources by letting you leverage our platform's features and functionalities without building them from scratch.

Unleash the Power of Customer Self-Service to Grow Your Business

Customer self-service is a way of empowering customers to access information and perform tasks without the need for human assistance. It allows customers to interact conveniently and reduces dependency on internal resources. Some benefits of customer self-service are improved customer experience, lower cost of sale, and lower cost of servicing.

Helping Executives Achieve Maximum Employee Productivity

High employee productivity is a key goal for any organisation. Automating tasks allows employees to work more efficiently and effectively, saving time and resources. This has multiple benefits for both management and customers.

Management can enjoy increased productivity, reduced costs, and improved quality. Customers can experience faster service, higher satisfaction, and better outcomes. Ultimately, automation can help increase revenue and profitability for the organisation.

Unlock the Power of Supplier, Distribution & Vendor Data Today

With direct integration into suppliers, distribution and vendors, you can have the correct information to quote and respond to customers immediately.

This will improve your customer experience by providing fast and accurate service, increase your revenue by boosting your win rate, and reduce stress by eliminating manual errors and delays.

Increase compliance
with our role-based system

User management is a key aspect of any business. It involves assigning roles to different users based on their responsibilities and access needs. Doing so ensures that your business complies with the relevant regulations and policies and that your customers have a positive and secure experience.

User management also saves time and resources by streamlining the workflow and reducing errors and conflicts.

Provide Transparency and Enhance Customer Experience with Financial Overview

Customers can view all quotes and invoices and make payments through our online portal.

This feature provides several benefits: it reduces the cost of servicing by eliminating paper and manual processes, enhances the customer experience by providing convenience and transparency, and reduces customers' effort to manage their finances.

Get Organised and Save Time with Asset Registry

Asset registry is a feature that allows customers to access all the items they have previously purchased.

It also helps them manage their licenses and ensure compliance with your terms and conditions.

Asset registry can save customers time and improve their experience with your products and services.

Get Started with Direct Supplier Shipping Today

Suppliers shipping is a service that allows you to ship directly from your suppliers to your customers.

This has several benefits for your business, such as:
- Improving customer experience by delivering faster and more reliably. - Increasing revenue by reducing inventory costs and expanding your product range.

Reducing stress by simplifying your logistics and avoiding out-of-stock situations.

Automated Business Processes PO System Integration

When a quote approval workflow is complete, an automatic PO can be generated and sent to the customer or the fulfilment location.

- Reduced cost of sale: You can save time and money by automating the PO creation and delivery process.
- Reduced effort: You can eliminate manual errors and streamline your workflow by using a single system for quotes and POs.
- Customer experience: You can improve customer satisfaction and loyalty by offering flexible and convenient options for order fulfilment.

Streamline Your Security with SSO

SSO functionality enables users to access multiple applications with one login credential, utilising the company's identity management system.

This provides benefits such as:
- Management: SSO simplifies the administration and monitoring of user accounts and permissions, ensuring compliance with security policies and regulations.
- Cost: SSO reduces the need for password resets and helpdesk support, saving time and money for both users and IT staff.
- Customer experience: SSO improves user satisfaction and loyalty by offering a seamless and convenient login process across different platforms and devices.

Get the Right Product Details for Enhanced Customer Experience

PIM Automation is a powerful tool that helps you create and manage product information for your online store. With PIM Automation, you can easily import vendor data, technical specifications, videos, PDFs and more into your product catalogue.

This enhances your customer experience by providing them with accurate and comprehensive product details. It also helps you increase your revenue and win rate by enabling you to showcase your products in the best possible way.
Automating the tedious and error-prone product information management process saves you time and effort.

Get Real Time Visibility Over Order Status with Approval Workflows

Approval workflow is a process that allows managers to delegate the authority to approve orders based on the business unit and the amount of the order.

This process has several benefits, such as:
- Improving customer experience by reducing the waiting time for order confirmation.
- Enhancing management compliance by ensuring that the appropriate level approves orders of authority.
- Lowering the cost of servicing by streamlining the approval process and reducing errors.

Unlock the Power of Tender Fulfilment Today

Tender fulfilment is the process of ensuring that orders are placed and executed according to the specifications and requirements of the customers. It involves minimising the manual activities that may cause errors, delays or inefficiencies in the order fulfilment cycle.

Some of the benefits of tender fulfilment are:
- Reduced cost of sale: By automating the order placement and compliance processes, delicate fulfilment can lower the operational expenses and overheads associated with sales activities.
- Reduced cost of servicing: Tender fulfilment can also reduce the cost by ensuring that orders are delivered on time, in full and with quality. This can enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty and reduce the need for returns, refunds or replacements.
- Customer experience: Tender fulfilment can improve the customer experience by providing a seamless and convenient way of ordering and receiving goods or services. It can also increase the transparency and visibility of the order status and delivery information, building customer trust and confidence.

Automate UNSPSC Categorisation with ERP Account Mapping

The global standard for ICT product taxonomy with ERP account allocation mapping means that ICT products are classified according to the UNSPSC codes and mapped to the corresponding ERP accounts.

This enables a consistent and accurate way of tracking and reporting ICT expenditures across different systems and organisations.
- Management: It can help managers to monitor and control ICT spending, budgeting and forecasting, as well as identify opportunities for cost savings, consolidation and rationalisation.
- Compliance: It can help organisations to comply with regulatory requirements, standards and best practices related to ICT procurement and reporting.It can help customers find and compare ICT products more efficiently and accurately and access more information and options in the ICT market.
- Reduce effort: It can help reduce the manual work and errors involved in classifying and allocating ICT products and streamline communication and coordination among different parties in the ICT supply chain.

Streamline Customer Experiences with our Compliant Product Catalogue

A customer-compliant product catalogue can help you increase your revenue by attracting more customers, satisfying their needs, and encouraging them to buy more from you.

with It can also help you build trust and loyalty with your customers by providing them a positive and personalised experience.

Ecosystem participants

Unlock new digital opportunities for all channel participants. Drive down your cost of sale, create industry leading services and grow your channel ecosystem.

Many more

As part of the The The Growth Method

Automated participant onboarding familiarises participants with the platform operations and lowers the sale cost by enabling customers to self-service or your team to produce a quote accurately and quickly.

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