Channel Management

Choose ChannelCenter Channel Management

Enabling your channel partners to digitally manage their business while self servicing.

Channel Distribution enables the management of a network of Resellers or inter-company entities, harnessing one catalogue while having a series of operational tools.

Boost your sales with Channel Management and Distribution!

Our ChannelCenter platform revolutionises channel management by allowing you to streamline your network of channel partners or inter-company entities.

With our state-of-the-art tools, you can easily manage, report, and monitor multiple resellers or business units. Establishing channels allows you to expand your market reach and take your products to new heights with efficient distribution.

Additionally, System Integrators can productise their offerings and sell them via their channels of resellers.Take the next step in driving your business forward with ChannelCenter's cutting-edge platform.

Join us and grow your distribution network today!

Sell faster and competitively with ChannelCenter's Sales Automation. Say goodbye to manual quote creation and lengthy order turnaround times.

ChannelCenter streamlines every step of the sales process, from customer requests to asset management, with its Sales Automation solution.

Our platform aggregates vendor and distribution feeds, allowing for direct quote creation and a seamless digital customer quote approval process with automated fulfillment.

Plus, our workflow automation reduces the need for manual sales interventions, giving you more time to focus on closing deals. With standardised quoting templates and centralised financial visibility, the entire sales process is efficiently managed in one place. You'll enjoy compliance, cost and complexity reduction, and greater visibility into the quote and invoice status for faster, more competitive selling. Choose ChannelCenter for streamlined, simple, and successful sales automation.

See The Big Picture Of Your Commercial Interactions

Allowing you to see all commercial interactions with all resellers in one view and drill into specific partners and transactions. This can benefit your business by improving customer experience, increasing revenue, and reducing stress.

Increase Efficiency With Real-Time Warehouse Integration

Warehouse integration is a feature that allows resellers and platform products to see the stock availability of a warehouse in real time.

This feature has several benefits, such as reducing the cost of servicing, saving time, and improving customer experience. Warehouse integration can help resellers and platform products optimise their inventory management and order fulfilment processes.

Reach a Wider Market and Increase Revenue with Resellers Ecommerce

Resellers can create eCommerce stores to sell products from various suppliers to their customers. This way, they can reach a broader market and offer more value.

Some of the benefits of reselling are: higher revenue, better customer experience, and a lower cost of sale.

Maximise Profits, Lower Costs for Your Multinational.

Multinational companies that operate in different markets and offer diverse products or services can use the platform to consolidate their business units and streamline their sales processes.

This can help them lower operational costs, ensure compliance with regulations and standards, and boost their revenue potential.

Cut Your Resellers Quote Creation Time in Half With Quick Flip.

As a reseller, you can quickly flip a quote from your channel owner to your customer using our platform.

This way, you can customise the quote with your own branding and margins. This feature has many benefits for you and your customer, such as:

No More
Manual Order Processing:
Get Up and Running

Direct vendor integration is a feature that lets customers create and modify their subscriptions or licenses. This way, customers can access the products or services they need without waiting for manual approval. Direct vendor integration can help you:

Your customers can also respond to your approval requests and offer centrally at their own convenience, making the process smoother and faster for both parties.

Cut Costs With Cloud Billing Integration

Cloud billing multi-tiered integration allows channel owners to bill their resellers and automate their customers' billing cycles. It supports both consumption and subscription billing models. This improves efficiency, accuracy and customer satisfaction.

Ecosystem participants

Unlock new digital opportunities for all channel participants. Drive down your cost of sale, create industry leading services and grow your channel ecosystem.

Many more

As part of the The Growth Method

Expand your reach to the market while controlling your costs and cash flow. A successful mechanism to achieve this is to create a reseller channel.

All your participants derive value from the platform, and your core unit of value increases at a sustainable rate while your costs are contained.

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