Cloud Commerce

Choose ChannelCenter Cloud Commerce

Automated cloud billing and customer subscription management.

ChannelCenter is directly integrated into cloud providers, feeding XaaS directly into the catalogue which can be exposed on a marketplace, used in a quote, combined in a service and billed on a recurring or once-off basis. The platform enables cloud to be managed through self-service and automation.

Revolutionise your cloud reselling with ChannelCenter's automated platform that gives you greater control and improves customer self-service.

Our platform integrates directly with cloud providers, allowing XaaS to be easily added to your catalogue and promoted through a marketplace, services or quotes, and billed on a recurring or one-time basis.

With our solution, resellers can accelerate service delivery, enabling customers to self-manage their subscriptions and optimise internal operations. Our automated invoicing ensures accurate and immediate billing, with customisable billing periods and pricing rules per client and subscription.

Trust ChannelCenter to streamline your cloud commerce and drive business growth.

Sell faster and competitively with ChannelCenter's Sales Automation. Say goodbye to manual quote creation and lengthy order turnaround times.

ChannelCenter streamlines every step of the sales process, from customer requests to asset management, with its Sales Automation solution.

Our platform aggregates vendor and distribution feeds, allowing for direct quote creation and a seamless digital customer quote approval process with automated fulfillment.

Plus, our workflow automation reduces the need for manual sales interventions, giving you more time to focus on closing deals. With standardised quoting templates and centralised financial visibility, the entire sales process is efficiently managed in one place. You'll enjoy compliance, cost and complexity reduction, and greater visibility into the quote and invoice status for faster, more competitive selling. Choose ChannelCenter for streamlined, simple, and successful sales automation.

Automate Your Customer Management with Microsoft CSP Direct Integration

Microsoft CSP Direct integration is a solution that enables CSP partners to integrate their systems with Microsoft's APIs and portals. This allows them to automate and streamline various tasks related to customer management, billing, provisioning, and reporting.
By using Microsoft CSP Direct integration, CSP partners can benefit from:

  • Increased productivity: CSP partners can reduce manual work and human errors by automating processes such as creating subscriptions, updating customer information, and generating invoices.
  • Compliance: CSP partners can ensure that they are following Microsoft's policies and guidelines by using the official APIs and portals. They can also access the latest updates and features from Microsoft without delays or compatibility issues.
  • Time saving: CSP partners can save time and resources by using a single platform to manage all their customers and services. They can also leverage Microsoft's support and expertise to resolve any issues or queries quickly and efficiently.

Get Error-Free Automated Invoicing in Minutes

If you provide recurring services to your clients, you can benefit from automated invoice generation. This feature allows you to create invoices automatically based on the frequency and duration of your services.

By using automated invoice generation, you can reduce the cost of sale, save time and ensure compliance with tax and accounting regulations.

Stop Guessing Your Billing Cycles - Customise Them

One of the features of our service is the ability to customise billing periods according to the internal requirements of your business. This allows you to run billing cycles that match your cash flow and accounting needs. Customising billing periods can also enhance customer experience and compliance with regulations.

Cut Costs and Reduce Stress with our ERP Invoicing Solution

ERP invoicing allows you to create invoices for your clients with the correct margins, using the billing API.

This way, you can save time and money, and reduce stress in the billing process.

Ecosystem participants

Unlock new digital opportunities for all channel participants. Drive down your cost of sale, create industry leading services and grow your channel ecosystem.

Many more

As part of the The Growth Method

Enable customer self-service to accelerate delivery of their subscriptions and reduce the cost of transacting. Optimise resources by automating processes such as creating subscriptions, updating customer information, and generating invoices.

Customised billing periods can enhance the customer customer experience and save you time and cost. Use automated invoice generation to reduce the cost of sale, save time and ensure compliance.

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