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Product Configurator

Understanding which parameters are necessary to put together an accurate quote can often be a problematic and knowledge-intensive exercise.

The Channel Center product configurator enables these parameters to be set centrally so that each quote and invoice is made up of the right parameters.

Final costs are derived via the selection and definition of various product options, including the sub-product type and how many devices are required.

With modern day products becoming increasingly complex, the Product Configurator mechanism leads users through a step-by-step quote process, ensuring that the final quote is both accurate and complete. By eliminating product complexity, it also opens up the process to a wider range of users, meaning companies can potentially divert more experienced resources to other more complex tasks, freeing up capacity.

  • Aids accuracy and completeness.

  • Quick intuitive product configurator enables accurate quoting.

  • Removes a knowledge dependency, which may be a bottleneck in getting difficult quotes out.