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Your customers and staff can create and manage quotations from a centralized and integrated workspace on the platform. Sent quotes require your customers to onboard themselves to view the quote. Approval statuses and version control ensures increased control of your customer interactions.


Tiered Quoting

Quotes can be passed down the channel quickly and easily.

Partner Discounting

Resellers with gold or silver partner status can have specific partner-level pricing. 

Product Configurator

Enable specific product parameters to be set centrally.

Purchase Order Management

Enforce processes by requiring the attachment of purchase orders.

Quote Versioning

Iterate the quote process by creating versions of the same quotation.

Currency Management

Users can set the currency of their customer quotes to suit their local market.

Multiple Contacts

Add multiple individual contacts in a customer to a quote.

Quote Status

Platform users can see the status of their quotes at-a-glance, at any time.

Uniquely Branded

Include your own colours and logo on all quotations.

Terms & Conditions

Setup default Terms & Conditions for all your quotations.

Reference Numbers

Make use of system generated quote name and reference number or input your own.

Downloadable Quote

Created quotes can be downloaded at any time.