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Your invoice and shopping cart payments on the platform are made via reliable and secure third-party payment gateways. Credit transactions taking place on the platform are automatically reflected in the ERP system, an initiative designed to maintain system accuracy.

Margin amounts can be adjusted for every quote and direct invoice which is created on the platform.  Users can set discounting levels to trigger at set volume levels, as well as set margin amounts dependent on partner tier levels, removing this administrative burden from the employee.

In addition to partner tier price flexibility, the platform enables further customisation in that pricing can be set and adjusted per individual channel company, as required.


Credit Management

Customer self-service and system accuracy.

Automated Credit Adjustment

Customer self-service and system accuracy. Managing their credit gives your customers control over their spend with you.

Payment Gateways

Caters to a broad range of scenarios whilst attempting to retain clarity and simplicity throughout.

EFT Manual Collection

Customer payment preference and flexibility.