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Invoices can be automatically created from quotes once they’ve been approved and fulfilment has been actioned, resulting in reduced product delivery times.


Quote Conversion

Eliminates the need to create a new corresponding invoice from scratch, saving on time and potentially improving accuracy as well.

Tiered Invoicing

Invoices are generated and issued automatically

Payment Processing

ChannelCenter has deliberately integrated with multiple popular payment gateways and developed various methods of payment in order to open the platform up to as wide a user base as possible.

Invoice Origination

Available information provides the ability to gather data and make strategic business decisions.

Invoice Status Visibility

Instant clarity on invoice status removes uncertainty and speeds up decision making.

Purchase Order Visibility

Enhanced visibility and access.

Uniquely Branded

Ensures that there is no confusion about the source, as well as keeping the platform user’s business top of mind for the email or quote recipient.

Terms & Conditions

Every business is unique, and to remain as flexible and accommodating as possible, invoices are customizable to include individual company terms and conditions.

Downloadable Invoices

Provides ease of reference and facilitates efficient records keeping.