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Approval Workflows

Versioning Approval Management

ChannelCenter makes it very easy for you to manage different version of a quote.

The approvals workflow provides an overview of every version of a quote that has been sent to a customer and any given time.

New versions of quotes are automatically recalculated if any changes are to made to your products or stipulations.

Should quotes be deemed unacceptable, earlier quote versions can be approved in lieu of the latest version. Once a version is approved however, no other quote versions can be approved.

  • Ensures that the correct operational processes are followed consistently.

  • Satisfy customers by avoiding the unnecessary costs of correcting faults due to undiscovered errors in a previous quote.
  • Saves time for sales staff as they aren’t required to recreate quotes each time. Sales staff can simply build from existing agreements whilst incorporating changes that may have been made in the interim.