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Approval Workflows

Approval workflows provide for greater compliance by ensuring that a purchase order accompany a quotation. Versioning approval helps streamline the approvals processes by providing access to historical quote versions. Tiered quote approval from distributor to end-user runs smoothly through, with status notification provided at each stage of approval. Should there be a need to expedite the approvals process, resellers are able to approve quotes on behalf of their end customers. End users can also assign approver status’ internally.


Purchase Order Requirements

Ensures adherence to correct commitment accounting practices.

Versioning Approval Management

Ensures that the correct operational processes are followed consistently.

Tiered Approval

Depending on the configuration, accepted quotes are automatically invoiced, removing the need for manual intervention to complete an order and receive payment.


Removes the need to constantly be logged in to the platform to await updates

Accept on Behalf of Customer

Saves time and improves efficiencies.

Internal Gate Approval

Keeps internal workflows and permissions available even within the platform