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Sales Automation


From customer request to asset management the entire sales process is centrally managed.


When your customers request a new product or phone it through, your sales team has convenient access to their request and can access their customer’s unique marketplace of products with automatically populated product information.

This helps to ensure that your staff are knowledgeable about the customer request. The sales professional can quickly and accurately add products to their customer’s quote, whilst the platform automatically allocates volume discounts and takes into account vendor discounting.

Once complete, the customer is notified. They receive the quote in their customer platform, where they can deny, approve or request a change. Once approved and accompanied by a purchase order, an order can be placed with your supplier. The customer then receives their order and can update provisioning or delivery details all of which is centrally accessible.

Once the hardware, subscription or license has been delivered and the GRV process completed, an invoice is raised. The customer can select to settle with standard payment terms, or they can pay the amount directly in the platform through a payment gateway.

Once complete the item is added directly into your customer’s asset register and allocated to a user, making sure they are rationalising their assets in real-time.


An important digital touchpoint is the customer’s ability to easily access their quotes and invoices from you as their partner. 

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A key to platform success is increased customer self-service and a reduction in your operating costs.