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Sales Automation

Multi Program

Cloud, Stock, License and Services on one platform.


In today’s ICT world where cloud, perpetual licencing, hardware, software, subscription licensing, MSP are all part of the mix. From a customers experience point of view, what becomes evident is that very few large enterprises give their customers a single point of access to a central information point across these programs.

The Channel Center approach enables customers and internal resources within your enterprise to have a global view of different product and service programs. Your business might utilise a server, it might be on-premise, or in the cloud, the principle is it is still a server, with different parameters, with possibly a different billing cycle. But it should always be shown under your customer’s assets area, the approval workflows still play a role. When the item is selected to be provisioned, it drops the messages down into the Channel Center Microservices framework and provisions each piece separately. It then loads each item in the customer’s asset system. In reality, one item might be from physical stock, while another invoice line item might be from a SAAS solution, and the last item may be a perpetual license.