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Microsoft CSP enabled

Tenancy management

Direct and indirect tenancy linking


Making sure you have the correct invoices going to your customers with the right amount of detail is a complicated and challenging task. The linking of customers tenancies through the proper workflow is essential to make sure that vital information flows correctly.

On existing Microsoft tenants an email is triggered from the Channel Center platform which invites the tenant administrator to authorise your access to their environment. Once approved, the tenancy is added to your CSP account, enabling you to facilitate CSP management on behalf of your customer.

In the case of a new tenancy, the user can clarify and check for a new domain at the .onmicrosoft.com root domain. Once provisioned, the tenant has attached automatically to your account.

Channel Center is a Control Panel Vendor (CPV) for Microsoft Cloud Service Provider (CSP) programs on both a direct and indirect model. Channel Center runs both a subscription billing model and consumptive billing model through the CSP program.