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Sales Automation

Digital Sales Automation.


The lifeblood of sales is quoting, invoicing, ordering, negotiating and provisioning, coupled with robust communication. In today’s highly automated digital world of work, what we understand is that often the status quo in the ICT channel is a manual way of working.

Customers have little to no central point of record and staff have no internal point of overview where your team can go through quotes, invoices, request, supplier negotiations etc. attached to one client. ERP is not the tool to do this with as most ERP platforms do not have product content loaded onto them automatically, with product information being pulled dynamically.

ChannelCenter’s sales automation feature is directly attached to the underlying API Micro Services provisioning framework, enabling the entire sales process to be fully automated. Your customer has access to the entire process via their customer platform, empowering them to make decisions and push them forward.


Often the biggest challenge is generating awareness amongst customers of everything you sell.

Microsoft CSP enabled

Channel Center is a Control Panel Vendor (CPV) for Microsoft Cloud Service Provider (CSP) programs on both a direct and indirect model. 


When your customers request a new product or phone it through, your sales team has convenient access to their request and can access their customer’s unique marketplace of products with automatically populated product information.


In a sizeable dispersed enterprise, with multiple operating companies, the use of compliant and approved quote templates is a standard.

Multi Program

In today’s ICT world where cloud, perpetual licencing, hardware, software, subscription licensing, MSP are all part of the mix.