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Image showing various ChannelCenter sales functionalities.

ChannelCenter’s sales management tool brings automation workflow to the business sales process, enabling vendor APIs and the configuration of products. Businesses can generate new quotes and orders via the sales portal, and manage product renewals as a key function of licensing revenue maintenance. 



Setup Products and Vendors 

The center of the distribution process consists of the product which is being distributed, and the ChannelCenter platform naturally has multiple functions surrounding this important operational function.  

Users have the ability to set up and create products and vendors within the system according to their individual distribution agreements held, as well as manage the accompanying vendor product keys aided by
API automation. 

Image showing ChannelCenter's product and vendor dashboard.
Image showing the ChannelCenter dashboard view of generating orders and quotes.





Generate Orders and Quotes 

Users can generate new orders and quotes, as well as search through existing ones and check on the status thereof, as well as check the details on any returned stock. This functionality provides platform users with the ability to elevate their level of customer service, whilst the added simplicity via API automation aids business
operational efficiencies. 


ChannelCenter's sales functionality provides platform users with the ability to elevate their level of customer service.  

Manage Renewals 

With more and more products being licensed through an electronic software distribution and cloud subscription model in today’s digital environment, many products are bought on an annual or monthly licensing agreement.  

ChannelCenter assists in managing renewals.

With the number of products often running into the hundreds or perhaps even thousands of units, managing the customer renewals becomes an arduous and labor-intensive process as customer and product lifecycles overlap on a mass scale, resulting in potential missed revenue opportunities as businesses struggle to process the complexity. 

ChannelCenter features a product expiration checker, and the ability to add products which have been purchased outside the system to a renewals portfolio. 


Image showing ChannelCenter's renewals dashboard.





Control Pricing and Margin 

Pricing obviously plays a key part in any distribution strategy, and the platform’s ability to set pricing along with GP and GP percentage, gives the distributor full control over this important factor.






Oversee Promotions 

Platform users can initiate, edit and delete promotions on products with this function. Promotional prices can be set and start/end dates easily controlled, whilst the user-friendly dashboard allows users to take in all promotional information at a glance.







Check-Up on MSP Subscriptions 

A distributor’s MSP program details and running totals can be viewed here, giving the distributor accessible insight into their current MSP subscriptions at any time.