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Manage Products

Being able to manage products and pricing is vital to any business, and the Product Management feature enables a high degree of control in this regard. Resellers can customize individual marketplaces to the product requirements of their end-customers. Resellers can adjust and manage their marketplace product pricing at any time.

Platform users can make use of a sliding banner space to upload custom advertisements. When setting up a vendor within the platform, vendor tiers can be implemented, allowing resellers to receive pricing as per their partner program specification.

Platform users can define discount price banding on specific product quantities. Product pricelists can be imported to the marketplace from .CSV files.  


Create & Edit Products

Ability to create and update products in your catalogue

Manage Collateral

By managing the product information, you can keep products up to date.

Product Tags

Gives flexibility on the types of products you can add to your catalogue 

Seperate products by type

Gives flexibility on the types of products you can add to catalogue

Bulk Product Upload

Add multiple products at the same time 

Manual Provisioning

Enables out of platform product delivery to reflect on order status

Sub Products

Create complex products

User Input Data

Allows for wide range of products to be added to catalogue where user information is required upon purchasing