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Process Management

ChannelCenter uses process management to speedily and securely achieve returns on platform user requests.

Commands and instructions are processed according to an internal process management engine which allocates, prioritizes and executes according to internally designed and benchmarked platform standards.

Order, Placement and Fulfillment Process, for example, actions and processes order items via integrated vendor API adaptors to continually update ChannelCenter’s system, whilst the Business Information Systems Integration Module integrates with third-party systems to pull relevant information when and where required.

A diagramme showing ChannelCenter's Apptomic process.

ChannelCenter has also developed an innovative and proprietary serverless cloud-related architecture known as
Apptomic – a conjunction of application and atomic – which describes the overall instruction processing framework used to run queries and execute scripts. In this way, it acts to process automation and integration – both inbound into the ChannelCenter platform, as well as outbound into other external systems.

These innovative processes outlined above illustrate how ChannelCenter uses process-driven workflows to achieve standardized and efficient returns on platform user requests. 
For further insight into some of the designs and processes used by the ChannelCenter platform, please check out the Technical Features section under the Platform menu.