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Private Distribution

Improved efficiency through channel automation

Channel Center helps achieve efficiency gains through channel automation and improved channel management, offering better value to customers.

An Evolving IT Distribution Channel Environment

At ChannelCenter we know the realities of the traditional channel environment, where distributors are faced with tighter margins and there’s more pressure from resellers to add value. As adding value normally involves adding skills (and these come at a cost), this puts pressure on profitability. Distributors are pushed to add sustainable value while keeping operating costs low, which leads the drive towards automation and customer self-service.

It’s a pretty disruptive time, when distributors need to rethink how they service customers and how they can re-align their businesses to make the most of operational efficiencies.

While this is happening, end-users are upping their knowledge and turning to cloud products (and their associated delivery mechanisms) or biting the bullet and going direct. It’s a pretty disruptive time, when distributors need to rethink how they service customers and how they can re-align their businesses to make the most of operational efficiencies.

This is where we come in. Our end-to-end channel platform offers IT distributors improved levels of functionality, efficiency and (the ever important) control, when transacting with partners and end-user customers.

How ChannelCenter’s IT Distribution can aid your platform business

  • Provide reseller convenience by enabling a high level of intuitive self-service
  • Enhance your customer’s experience and satisfaction through workflow automation
  • Unlock greater value for your vendors
  • Move to data-driven decision making
  • Increase operational efficiencies
  • Position your business as a digital innovator

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Automation Delivers Transactional Efficiency 

We like it simple and effective, which is why quotes, orders, invoices and payments are all managed within one platform. Users can control monthly subscriptions and manage product renewals as a key part of licensing revenue maintenance with our Manage Service Provider (MSP) programms. And to be on the safe side, secure integration with various payment gateways enables seamless financial transactions across the channel.  

Customer and Product Management

Remember that control we were talking about? You got it. Our platform customers can load their own customers onto the system, while our credit management facility allows channel intermediaries to manage their credit with partners and suppliers quickly and simply. Users can load their own customized products onto the system, as well as set their own individual pricing and channel margins.
We want you to feel at home so we’ve developed customized interface branding, where users can impart their corporate identity onto the platform. Users can also load customized products onto the system and set their own individual pricing and channel margins

Dashboards and Reporting

Our dashboards let you keep an eagle eye on operations, with an overview of important business statistics for each platform area. In a fast-moving and dynamic channel environment with vendors, distributors, resellers and end-users all transacting on the platform, you’re able to see where a company stands on multiple business metrics at any given time.

Customer and Business Insights

You can wait for opportunity to knock, or you can invite him round…our platform allows users to view opportunities in their customer base. The platform’s inference engine looks at historic sales information to plot cross – and upsell opportunities. This functionality is tiered, working through the channel, from distribution to resellers and in turn from resellers to their end customers.


You know what you like, and we’ll help you do it that way. Our e-management capabilities are fully customizable to provide customers with an enhanced reseller experience, as well as improved reach into market.

A better customer experience:

Our Open API engine enables developers to integrate directly into the distributor’s environment. Product is automatically loaded from internal ERP, cloud-based vendors or traditional licensing vendors.   

Pre-integrated Bitdefender, Kaspersky and Microsoft APIs seamlessly connect the various IT systems within the ChannelCenter platform and facilitate automated transaction workflows throughout. Manual provisioning can also be utilized (where appropriate). And because we don’t like to sit back, we are continuously adding new vendors.

Taking Care of Admin

We’ve don’t want you to sweat the small stuff, so we’ve made it easier to do. Our platform allows customers to easily do their platform housekeeping. Company and user profiles can be quickly and simply setup, and businesses can brand the platform interface with their corporate identity. Plus, you can select and set the platform currency and language, a global marketplace essential.

Structured Support

If the unthinkable happens and something goes wrong, we provide standard technical support services in English, with a premium upgrade option. Support is enabled via a self-service layer and ticketed support system and operates within standard business hours.