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Operations is an oft-overlooked, yet important function of a business environment. Before adding value in other areas, a business needs to get the fundamental basics right. ChannelCenter enables platform customers to manage their contacts and organize a partner company database in the pursuit of setting a solid foundational platform upon which to build further business value.





Manage Contacts

ChannelCenter allows platform users to easily enter and store comprehensive sets of details on each customer. Managing and profiling in this way builds a clear vision of each business customer, bringing with it improved service and retention, as well as the ability to improve marketing efficiency via customization and targeting.

Image showing ChannelCenter's contact management dashboard.
Image showing ChannelCenter's company organization dashboard.






Organize Companies

Functionality to add, search for and delete company details is built into ChannelCenter's platform. As with individual customers, maintaining an updated database of partner companies is crucial in improving a variety of business functions, from communications and marketing through to business intelligence.

ChannelCenter enables a solid operational platform upon which to build further
business value.






Administer Sign-Up Requests

Currently pending sign-up requests can be approved or denied, whilst a complete historical list of requests is available to view as well.