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Marketplace Store

Unique Customer Specific Marketplace

Allowing you, and your customers to create a unique marketplace for specific customers.  Allowing them to see and purchase only the products that you want to make available to them

  • Create unique marketplace for customers in different territories or with specific product rights

  • Customers who only purchase a select few brands or products can now see those products first

Product Information Management

Centralized and standardized product information.

Search & Filter

Search for, view and purchase products on your marketplace.

Vendor Categorization

Customers can search and filter products by individual vendors on the Marketplace Store.

Converting Cart to Quote or Invoice

Make adjustments and turn your cart into a quote or an invoice for your customer.

Product Bundling

Bundle multiple product and service offerings to offer powerful customer solutions.

Customer facing adverts

Customer Facing Adverts

Platform users can make use of a sliding banner space to upload custom advertisements.

Shopping Cart Functionality

Users can manage and order marketplace products and services using the online shopping cart functionality.

Reseller Functionality

Resellers can create quotes, place orders, send end-customers relevant product information.

Centralized Product Data

Product information resides in one central marketplace.