Platform customers can setup products with imagery, descriptions, specifications and additional information, as well as define users required for manually provisioned products.

In the Catalogue area users define pricing for the default product catalogue and can set different pricing for specific customers. Vendors are created in this area, either via vendor credentials or as unique vendors. Promotions can be set up and managed here, allowing specific products to be offered at a reduced rate to customers. The product SKUs are automatically checked against the ChannelCenter Product Information Management (PIM) feature to populate, synchronise and standardise product information and imagery.


Run a smarter, more efficient business

Integrated Vendors

ChannelCenter automates product delivery through the channel by integrating with prominent vendor systems, alleviating the need for logins and inhouse training on multiple systems.

Customised Product Catalogues

All products added can be easily configured and made available to customers by defining the default product catalogue. Users can then choose to setup separate catalogues for specific customers where vendors and products can be restricted, and different pricing offered.

Multifunction Store

The Marketplace Store provides a friendly online shopping experience to users, and has the functionality to create quotes and invoices for customers directly from the user cart.


Increased product visibility with easier selection

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Marketplace Store
Marketplace Store

The Marketplace Store is a centralised, searchable view of all product on offer to users on the platform. It is intended as a tool to aid in the quoting process and consists of a searchable repository of product information including product descriptions, images, videos and relevant information documents to assist with product identification and cross-referencing. Platform customers can search, view and order products and services using the online shopping cart functionality.

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