The Marketplace Store forms the central aspect of ChannelCenter’s Marketplace functionality. Users can browse and search the store, as well as order products and services online via the platform.

The shopping cart experience is designed for resellers and distributors and gives them the functionality to convert their shopping cart contents directly into a quote or invoice, or to simply email their customer with all related product information.

Let your product data do the work

Accurate Product Data

Product detail and specifications can be almost impossible to maintain in real-time. ChannelCenter automates the maintenance of this information through international data sources, affording users the benefit of accurate and relevant data at a fraction of the cost.

Cart to Quote

Through accurate data and extensive search functionality, users can create quotes from the products they have added to their cart while browsing the Marketplace. Predefined costs, as well as the ability to adjust margins give users flexibility from the cart.

Customer Onboarding

Onboarding and customer adoption are built into the quoting processes and extend through to the Marketplace. When customers are sent quotes, they are required to sign in with their email to view the quote within the platform.


More than just a shopping cart

  • Shopping Cart Functionality
  • Centralised Product Data
  • Reseller Functionality
Shopping Cart Functionality
Shopping Cart Functionality

Users can manage and order marketplace products and services using the online shopping cart functionality. Products can be selected from a central marketplace and collected in a cart to be purchased via a normal checkout process, or form the basis of quotes for resellers and distributors. Additionally, platform users can send detailed product information on these shopping cart products to recipients of their choice.

Centralised Product Data
Centralised Product Data

Detailed product information is contained to a single area for easy reference, and to act as a ‘single source of truth’ in the interests of simplicity and transparency. The product information is collected directly from the vendor and forms a global standard for that product going forward. The product code is then used as the identifier and product imagery, descriptions, specifications and related products are incorporated into the system automatically. Users gain the convenience of up-to-date, relevant and accurate product data, without the laborious manual process of needing to capture the information in their systems for each product individually.

Reseller Functionality
Reseller Functionality

Specific attention has been paid towards developing a high level of reseller functionality within the Marketplace area. Resellers can create quotes, place orders, send end-customers relevant product information and purchase product directly via the shopping cart functionality.


A better customer browsing experience

Browse and Search

Marketplace users can browse the online catalogue and search for the product of their choice. Comprehensive product specifications are included to help with identification and verification.

Vendor Categorisation

Customers can search and filter products by individual vendors on the Marketplace Store. Users can also limit which vendors are shown to specific customers by setting up vendor restrictions.

Customer Facing Adverts

Platform users can make use of a sliding banner space to upload custom advertisements which are displayed on their customer-facing marketplaces. These banners can alert browsing customers to special offers, or bring their attention to specific products in order to increase exposure.