Invoicing is one of the main operational pillars of any channel business, and it pays to be fully in control of this vital aspect.

The speed, accuracy and visibility offered by ChannelCenter’s invoicing function provides platform customers with a digitally-enabled competitive advantage in this regard.


Facilitate reduced product delivery times with invoice automation and fulfilment

  • Quote Conversion
  • Tiered Invoicing
  • Payment Processing
Quote Conversion
Quote Conversion

Upon acceptance of a quote, companies can convert their quote into an invoice containing all of the same information. This eliminates the need to create a new corresponding invoice from scratch, saving on time and potentially improving accuracy as well.

Tiered Invoicing
Tiered Invoicing

Invoices are auto-generated once a quote is accepted, automating the process throughout the channel. Recipients are notified as soon as the invoice is issued, and issuers are notified when invoices are paid. When an invoice is paid, or marked as paid, fulfilment is immediately triggered and product is delivered to the relevant customer via the platform, whilst informing any relevant parties at necessary points during the process.

Payment Processing
Payment Processing

Various payment options are available via the system including extending credit, online payment gateways and electronic funds transfer (EFT). ChannelCenter has deliberately integrated with multiple popular payment gateways and developed various methods of payment in order to open the platform up to as wide a user base as possible.Invoices can be settled and credit payments can be managed via the platform, which can be linked to individual company ERP systems via API integration.


Capitalise on enhanced order process visibility

Invoice Origination

Invoice origination shows platform users where the invoice originated, be it from the platform, an ERP system or even a connected programme like Microsoft CSP. Having this information available plays into the ability to gather data and make strategic business decisions.

Invoice Status Visibility

Platform users can see the status of their invoices at-a-glance, at any time. In a modern, fast-paced business environment, having instant clarity on invoice status removes uncertainty and speeds up decision making. Invoice status changes are linked to triggers that send email notifications to the relevant contacts and initiate immediate action where needed, leading to automatic product fulfilment.

Purchase Order Visibility

As purchase order management is key to the approval of quotes and reconciliation of invoicing, platform users can see the status of their purchase orders at-a-glance, at any time and easily view the link between quotes and invoices.

Uniquely Branded

Setup your platform branding to include your own colours and logo on all invoices.

Terms & Conditions

Setup default Terms & Conditions for all your invoices, or customise individual invoices terms.

Downloadable Invoices

Easily download your branded invoices for any offline requirements.