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Managing the all-important financial aspects of the ChannelCenter platform is easy. Track quotes, invoices and payments in real-time through the portal, as well as keep tabs on credit via a user-friendly dashboard. API integration into ERP and/or internal billing systems allows for seamless integration into current business operations. 





Track Quotes, Invoices and Payments
in Real-Time

Tracking orders and payments in real-time through the portal empowers businesses to know at all times exactly where they stand regarding important business metrics such as stock inventory and cash flow, amongst others. The ability to do this enables businesses to conduct highly accurate financial ‘snapshots’, aiding operational and executive decision-making processes. 

Image showing ChannelCenter's order tracking dashboard.
Image showing ChannelCenter's credit control dashboard.





Control Your Credit 

Controlling the credit facility forms a big part of traditional channel financial operations and can be a time-consuming task, but ChannelCenter affords users the ability to manage this function digitally and in-house, ensuring control remains with the company and speeding up the associated processes. Resellers can request credit, whilst distributors can approve and manage credit via the platform.

Businesses can conduct highly accurate financial 'snapshots' due to real-time reporting.