As a vital component in any business, a comprehensive and efficient ERP and financial system plays an important role in the implementation of the platform.

By integrating into ERP and financial systems, the ChannelCenter platform ensures that accuracy is maintained across financial and stock information, whilst eliminating added complexity with automated data synching across various system metrics. The stability and security of these integrations is of utmost importance - regardless of whether on-premise, hybrid or full cloud infrastructure, ChannelCenter ensures best practices are met throughout the integration process.


Ensure the integrity of sensitive data and existing administrative processes

Single Source of Truth

By synching with the business financial or ERP system, platform accuracy is maintained, and data duplication is eliminated via adhering to a ‘single source of truth’. This integration provides an accurate representation of financial data from within the platform which can be filtered by customer, product or vendor, allowing for key business insights on a real-time basis.

Information Synching

The platform synchs with various important business metrics such as customer, invoice, payment, credit, product, tax, stock and currency information via API integration technology. Due to ChannelCenter’s continuous development process, users will receive the benefits of any extensions made to the relevant APIs which cater for more specific information.

Scenario Workflow Management

Specific ERP-defined workflows are catered for via API integration with the platform, the intention of the ERP system being to remain as the central data repository regarding financial data. Rather than forcing users to recreate these established workflows, integrations can be built to allow the system to work with existing workflows and not disrupt trusted administrative processes.