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Efficient Distribution


ChannelCenter: Making the Distribution Process More Efficient

In analyzing the distribution process, ChannelCenter has mapped out each action which occurs, from end-customer requiring the product at the start, up through the channel and distribution layers to the vendor processing the order, and back down again to the customer receiving the stock and invoice at the end of the process.

This can be seen in the diagramme below:

A diagramme showing the traditional IT channel distribution process.

As one can see, it's a fairly lengthy and convoluted process.

Digitalization however, as it so often does, has exposed some of the current system inefficiencies.

In attempting to re-imagine the IT channel, ChannelCenter aims to simplify and facilitate smarter, more efficient distribution flows for the benefit of everyone in the industry, and the platform's automation layer connects the customer to the vendor via the distribution and reseller channel, through one seamless experience.

The consequence of ChannelCenter's technology-driven increased efficiencies throughout the distribution process, is dramatically illustrated in the reduced number of steps needed to process the exact same order as in the previous diagramme.

A diagramme showing the IT distribution process via the ChannelCenter platform.

The overall reduction effect becomes further apparent when overlaying the two diagrammes over each other.

A diagramme overlaying the ChannelCenter IT distribution process with the traditional IT distribution process.

The impact of this streamlining of the ordering and delivery process should not be underestimated. Everyday, thousands of orders are placed, processed and fulfilled throughout the channel, and the efficiency gains which are achieved scale very rapidly.

On an individual company level, the reduction of the number of steps involved along with the increased efficiency of the entire process, means less of the key company resources of time, money and attention are expended on the distribution process, freeing them up for use elsewhere.

ChannelCenter's vision is to become the leader in innovative software distribution solutions by re-imagining the channel, enhancing it for the benefit of all who experience it. It's this re-imagining which is leading to dramatic channel efficiency gains for all IT channel players involved.


The reduction of the number of steps involved,
along with the increased efficiency of the entire process, means less key company resources such as time, money and attention are expended on the 
distribution process