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The ChannelCenter platform accommodates the growing demand from resellers and end-users for ecommerce and shopping cart experiences, by enabling resellers to set-up and run the platform in their own individually branded ecommerce environments. Fully customizable e-commerce management capabilities provide customers with an enhanced reseller experience, as well as improved reach into market.


Full Platform Integration

Plug and play: Ecommerce stores seamlessly integrate into end-customer platforms via modern API technology.

Unique Branding

Your brand’s corporate identity and other portal features are exactly as you want them to be, helping you to build brand trust and maintain relationships with your customers.

Unique Web Domain

Caters to different customer segments with different needs.

Data Analytics

Facilitates better sales and demand analysis

Onboard Via Checkout Process

Functionality helps saves customer’s time by onboarding through checkout.

Auto-Balancing Architecture

Minimized latency.

Independently & Individually Hosted

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Store & Platform Linked

Delivers improved management efficiencies and better customer experiences. 

Require Login for Pricing

Minimises the effect of the unique store URL potentially being known by unintended or unwanted parties.

Product Categories

Product categories allow grouping of products specific to individual stores.

Multiple Stores

Provides customers with turnkey ordering solutions. 

Import Products & Prices

This functionality save time by making the addition of products more streamlined 

Manage Stores from Platform

Reporting is centralised and sits within the platform, giving users a single consolidated view of potentially multiple ecommerce environments. 

Unique Product & Pricing

Resellers can create brand specific stores

Banner Advertisements

Complement existing promotions or run as a standalone strategy to generate leads and convert them into customers.

Define Store Currency

Pricing display consistency is important in winning a customer’s trust.

Asset & Delivery Notification

Once centralized area where licenses are kept.  In case of an end customers computer crashing or being stolen, they can log in to their account at any time and retrieve their licenses

Optimized for Speed and Stability

Cloud architecture is developed for high performance, reliability and speed.