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Customer Platform

People Management

Customers users in your platform


Cloud applications require users details to be able to provision the license and each user is given access to their license based on their own unique credentials.

When allocated a cloud subscription to the user, it connects through the Microservices API framework to the Cloud Service Provider and attaches the purchased license directly to the user. It then transfers the required user credentials to the Cloud Service Provider to ensure that the license is provisioned correctly.

Channel Center is a Control Panel Vendor (CPV) for Microsoft Cloud Service Provider (CSP) programs on both a direct and indirect model. Channel Center runs both a subscription billing model and consumptive billing model through the CSP program.

Online Payment

The customer platform facilitates the ability for the user to check out and pay via the marketplace, or directly from invoice.

Asset allocation

Understanding your customers asset allocation is key to running a rationalised, cost effective and successful customer relationship.