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Customer Platform


Empowering customers through open financial access, and in- application approval.


Channel Center is a Control Panel Vendor (CPV) for Microsoft Cloud Service Provider (CSP) programs on both a direct and indirect model. Channel Center runs both a subscription billing model and consumptive billing model through the CSP program.

Enabling customers to have access to their financial information is vital. Customers are onboarded into the application during the quoting process. They are sent an email with a platform access link and once they click on the link they enter the platform to the specific quote and they can approve, deny or request a change. This enables a clear audit trail and automates the sales workflow.

Quotes and invoices

Enabling customers to have real time access to their quotes and invoices is a requirement for enabling your customer to self service.

Quote and invoice approval

Customers are auto logged into the system where they can select to approve, deny or request a change to their quote or invoice.

Approval authorization

Large companies require approval and authorization on purchases.

Delegation of authority / Business Unit / Departmental

The delegation of authority matrix ensures that the right approval is granted to the right user, in the correct business unit and for the correct amount.