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About ChannelCenter

ChannelCenter is a company born in the digital age, focused on enabling and empowering vendors, distributors and resellers in their business operations with other channel intermediaries, as well as enhancing the efficiencies with which channel operations are conducted.


ChannelCenter's Vision:
To become the leader in innovative software distribution solutions by
re-imagining the channel, enhancing it for the benefit of all who experience it.


ChannelCenter consists of ex-channel executives, business management consultants and digital strategy specialists, and has secured first round venture capital funding from private equity company Rational Expectations, a boutique private equity fund.

Utilizing technological innovation to bring a fresh outlook and business paradigm to the distribution environment, ChannelCenter has conceptualized, developed and perfected a digital platform which integrates the sales, operations and financial functions throughout the channel, whilst adding business intelligence, marketing and eCommerce components as additional integrated value propositions.

The ability to manage these functions through a series of logical and user-friendly dashboards, combined with the speed and accuracy of digital, provides a real-time competitive advantage to ChannelCenter’s platform customers.


ChannelCenter's purpose is to create value for all stakeholders in the channel by transforming
how vendors, distributors and resellers get
product to market.


With full support services, customers are assisted in every area, from on-boarding to maintenance, and with an ever-increasing number of globally recognized vendors registering their availability on the platform, users have access to some of the world’s most used and trusted products and services, as well as a rapidly expanding ecosystem of strategic business partners.

New digital technologies and increasing cloud services migration mean that the market is changing rapidly, and business obsolescence is a real threat for those who don’t adapt. ChannelCenter puts a powerful tool in your hands to thrive in today’s fast-moving
channel environment.


As a distribution platform, ChannelCenter is re-imagining the IT channel to simplify and facilitate smarter, more efficient distribution flows for the benefit of everyone in the industry.

A born-in-the-cloud solution with an automation layer that connects the customer to the vendor via the distribution and reseller channel, via one
seamless experience.