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ChannelCenter provides an aggregated multi-tier billing platform where invoices are replicated into ERP for seamless processing. Our system caters for consumption, subscription & once off automated billing while managing payment processing and credit management

Billing details are calculated and updated on your customer’s system instantaneously. Resellers and end customers can view billing details in real-time, and billing information is consolidated in an overview dashboard, aiding financial management and visibility. 


Billing Dashboard

Quick snapshot of financial overview

Revenue Overview

Condenses large amounts of data into a single visual representation in the form of graphs and charts for a quick overview of revenue performance.

Intuitive Graphs

Gives users a clear and simple overview of what is happening with their platform billing and finances.

Customize Credit & Data Usage

The platform also enables users to track and manage their credit usage through the system, providing them with an instantaneous and always-on view of their current credit situation.

Billing Methods

Reduces billing complexity and provides flexibility.

Payment Types

The use of payment gateways, credit line, and manual payment reconciliation allow users full control of their financial information on the platform.

Currency & Exchange Rates

High level of customization

Credit Control

Follow up on payments with ease.

Adjust Credit Per Customer

Quickly manage customer credit levels on the platform, enabling quick increase or deactivation of available credit

Define Credit Terms

Guarantees high levels of customization, control and visibility.

Invoice Settlement

Allows for finance team to mark settled invoices retrospectively

Ecommerce Stores

Allow customers to purchase on account through a private ecommerce store.