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Apptomic Engine

An Innovative Technology Within the Platform

In its quest to bring technological innovation to the distribution environment, ChannelCenter has developed various technologies to aid it in enabling and empowering vendors, distributors and resellers in their business operations with other channel intermediaries.

One of these technologies is a serverless cloud-related architecture known as Apptomic – a conjunction of application and atomic – which describes the overall instruction processing framework used to run queries and execute scripts. In this way, it acts to process automation and integration – both inbound into the ChannelCenter platform, as well as outbound into other external systems.  


Image showing ChannelCenter's Apptomic process.


This Apptomic framework in turn consists of Apptomic-branded APIs. These can be generic or dynamic, and act as spawning points for initiating Paralynex processes, as well as endpoints for the virtual computational service delivery.

Paralynex, a contraction of parallel linear process execution, is a process engine and does exactly what it says on the box – executes processes which can run in either a linear or parallel fashion.

The Paralynex process itself consists of various individual scripts or executable functions called Apptoms – a play on the word atom, and are named as such for being the smallest individual components of the entire system framework. These functions run simultaneously and independently of each other, yet are governed and controlled by the overarching Paralynex process.


Image showing ChannelCenter's serverless architecture within the Apptomic process.


Within the Paralynex process, the Apptoms can integrate and interact with various functions within the cloud layer, such as database components, queueing functions, memcache systems, notification environments, storage facilities and email, to return a requested outcome. Using this cloud-based architecture optimizes the Paralynex process, with the cloud layer retaining its inherent advantages of speed, security and availability, and consequently impacting positively upon the execution process.


...making them able to ‘reach into’ other IT systems (with permission of course) to return a desired outcome on a stated objective.


The Paralynex services, or components, not only integrate with the cloud layer, but with external APIs and third-party systems as well, making them able to ‘reach into’ other IT systems (with permission of course) to return a desired outcome on a stated objective.

Likewise, this overall Apptomic component can serve the ChannelCenter platform as well as client systems, across both web and mobile platforms. The process leaves a complete order-trail, enabling ChannelCenter to pull analytics and reports where needed, as well as quote on the cost of running these processes in the future.




  • Apptomic – the overall platform which integrates and drives the Paralynex process engines; able to service both ChannelCenter and client systems.
  • Paralynex – a process engine consisting of individual Apptoms.  
  • Apptom – an individual script or executable function which can run in a linear as well as a parallel fashion, and can spawn and work in conjunction with other Apptoms to return a desired result on a query.