As transactions flow through the channel, they need to be subject to the correct authorisation at various stages with minimal delays or disruptions.

ChannelCenter’s approval workflows enable companies to setup and control these authorisation procedures, ensuring that budgets are adhered to and minimising delays and time spent on these proceedings. The platform’s ability to issue these approval requests removes the potential inconsistencies created from multiple systems and helps to clarify requests and their associated urgency.


Facilitate approvals with the correct documentation

  • Purchase Order Requirement
  • Versioning Approval Management
  • Tiered Approval
Purchase Order Requirement
Purchase Order Requirement

Purchase order status can be set to 'Required' so that users cannot approve a quotation without uploading a purchase order document or number. The purchase order document or number is then viewable on the quotes list and can be tracked from quote through to payment.

Versioning Approval Management
Versioning Approval Management

Should updated or revised quotes be deemed unacceptable, earlier quote versions can be approved in lieu of the latest version. Once a version is approved however, no other quote versions can be approved.

Tiered Approval
Tiered Approval

Quote approval moves smoothly through the channel, from distributor through to end-customer. Upon quote approval, senders are notified and are required to act based on the response to the quote. Depending on the configuration, accepted quotes are automatically invoiced, removing the need for manual intervention to complete an order and receive payment.


Save time with approval notifications and approve quotations on behalf of end-customers

Approval Notifications

Users are notified on the platform as well as via email, upon acceptance or decline of a quote or invoice, whilst also retaining the ability to send a message explaining why a quote was declined.

Accept on Behalf of End-Customer

As a time-saving device, resellers have a setting which allows them to approve quotations on behalf of their end-customers. However, should this not be enabled, resellers cannot approve quotations without explicit end-customer approval.

Internal Gated Approval

As a control mechanism, end-customers can assign and lock system access and responsibilities to specified internal resources, removing the need for additional procurement systems.