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API Automation

As part of ChannelCenter’s proprietary Apptomic framework,
API technology forms a crucial component of the ChannelCenter platform. Pre-integrated APIs work seamlessly to connect the various intermediary IT systems, and facilitate fully automated workflows throughout the platform.

Simple credentials setup and easy product on-boarding make the process smooth and trouble-free. With Amazon Web Services (AWS) providing a fast, reliable, scalable and fully managed message queuing service, ChannelCenter’s platform is able to deliver real-time information securely and reliably, no matter how big the system load.

Application programming interfaces, or APIs, make it easier for developers to use certain technologies in building applications. Essentially, they allow different sets of software to 'talk' to one another.

APIs are a crucial element in ChannelCenter's ability to seamlessly connect the entire distribution chain, from vendor to end-user. The platform uses API technology to integrate the different vendor, distributor and reseller IT systems and create a seamless user experience for the
ChannelCenter customer.


ChannelCenter uses API integration to enhance the customer experience in the following areas, amongst others:


Vendor Portfolios

Large vendor product portfolios can be massive - IT giants have literally thousands of products, each with their own stock keeping unit (SKU) number. For distributors and resellers, managing and on-selling these products becomes a laborious process due to the details associated with each one including individual SKU numbers, prices, product descriptions and images.

The ChannelCenter platform uses vendor APIs to pre-integrate the resellers platform into the relevant vendors' system and product portfolio, populating the platform with vendor products, and thus dramatically cutting down the amount of administration needed to conduct
channel operations.

ChannelCenter's APIs allow reseller webstores to exchange data with, and integrate into the rest of the platform in a safe and secure manner.



Growing customer demand for ecommerce environments means that the ability to set-up estores has become an important one. In meeting this demand, ChannelCenter uses API technology to enable resellers to be able to quickly set up an unlimited number of their very own customized ecommerce stores.

ChannelCenter's APIs allow webstores to exchange data with, and integrate into the rest of the platform, and requests to the API can be made to retrieve and edit relevant platform information such as vendor and product details, orders, purchase history, customer information and more.

Reseller customers can rest assured that the API standards to which ChannelCenter adhere, ensure that the eCommerce environments within which they setup their eStores are safe
and secure. 

What is an API?

An Application Programming Interface (API) is a set of subroutine definitions, protocols, and tools for building application software - basically a set of clearly defined methods of communication between various software components.

A good API makes it easier to develop a computer program by providing all the building blocks, which are then put together by the programmer. Just as a graphical user interface makes it easier for people to use programs, application programming interfaces make it easier for developers to use certain technologies in building applications.