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As forward-thinkers we’re not afraid of change…

Technologies change

The speed of business changes. The way we do business changes. In a world that is moving faster, where everyone is adopting new software that streamlines everyday activities, the ICT channel also needs to change.

Two thirds of the world’s technology is driven to market via the ICT channel. Yet the mechanisms by which technology finds the correct market is still managed in a very traditional, very manual way.

We believe that there is a better, more open, more connected way of doing business, one in which all channel partners can win.


Our Story

The team behind the creation of ChannelCenter’s unique ICT channel management solution have been in the B2B channel game for a long time, a combined 78 years in fact. With age comes wisdom, which is why our founders, developers and sales teams have a deep understanding of channel challenges and some fresh ideas on how to solve them.

ChannelCenter is always looking to the future and so are our backers.

We are financially backed by one of South Africa’s most forward-thinking private equity companies, Rational Expectations (“RE”), the South African domiciled private equity investment holding company of the Le Roux family. Michiel Le Roux founded Capitec Bank, the third-largest bank in South Africa and in addition to their shareholding in Capitec Bank, RE has private equity investments in Africa, Switzerland, the UK and the Middle East.