More Than Software

ChannelCenter is an ecosystem; one that seamlessly connects suppliers and buyers, offering them aggregated value propositions across the ICT channel. The engine of the ecosystem is a platform that lets users digitally manage their sales and operations workflows in real-time.

Multi-Partner Benefits

Vendors and startups can access an established market and offer improved customer management capabilities. The result, increased sales, better control and enhanced downstream visibility. Existing vendors can enjoy the benefits of sales automation and product bundling.

A More Convenient and Intuitive Customer Experience

ChannelCenter is an automated, cloud-based, plug and play solution that offers immediate value, enhanced visibility and increased control. Users can login, quote and generate orders, as well as manage their business operations through their individual platform access.

What we’ve created is a more convenient and intuitive user experience to encourage customers to engage with and do business through the platform. How have we done this? By driving convenience, by simplifying engagement and by offering operational autonomy.