Distributors in a Private Ecosystem

At ChannelCenter we know the realities of the traditional channel environment, where distributors are faced with tighter margins and there’s more pressure from resellers to add value. As adding value normally involves adding skills (and these come at a cost), this puts pressure on profitability. Distributors are pushed to add sustainable value while keeping operating costs low, which leads the drive towards automation and customer self-service. This is where we come in.

Our end-to-end channel platform offers IT distributors improved levels of functionality, efficiency and (the ever important) control, when transacting with partners and end-user customers.

How ChannelCenter's Platform Can Aid Your Business:

  • Provide reseller convenience by enabling a high level of intuitive self-service
  • Enhance your customer’s experience and satisfaction through workflow automation
  • Unlock greater value for your vendors
  • Move to data-driven decision making
  • Increase operational efficiencies
  • Position your business as a digital innovator

Distributors in a Open Ecosystem

At ChannelCenter we get the need for automation, flexibility, choice and ultimately control. We also know that resellers would prefer not to be locked into a relationship with one distributor, where that distributor has line-of-sight to sales prices and margins, as this can be seen as risky business (and that’s a business best avoided). Customers are also changing end-user conditions, as armed with their increased knowledge they feel brave enough to now go direct. At the same time, the demand for cloud products and their delivery mechanisms is increasing.

In the fast-paced world of NOW, convenience is KING. Whoever simplifies and saves time is the winner. We can deliver this simple convenience by enabling the reseller to load product from distributors into a customer-facing marketplace.

Removes the need for distributor-managed platforms:.

  • The platform is a comprehensive, low cost channel management solution that removes the need for distributors to manage their own platforms.
Demand Generation:.

  • ChannelCenter’s product matrix intelligence invites opportunity to knock by, highlighting buying trends and salesopportunities, to enable your business to optimise existing customer relationships and boost sales revenue.
  • Love a winning combo? Read on…the ChannelCenter platform allows distributors to access historical sales data to define new and targeted sales opportunities, whilst providing them with the tools to capitalise on these.

CORE Resellers

At ChannelCenter we deal with various partners, which is why we understand the challenges facing resellers in the traditional channel environment. We get the need for automation, flexibility, choice and ultimately control. There is a demand (and we can meet it) for and end-to-end digital solution that helps resellers get product in front of their customers.

If you’re a channel business wanting the convenience, simplicity, control and visibility of an automated and digitised channel platform, we're here to assist you. Manual provisioning.? Check. Invoicing and billing? Check. Data dashboards and asset management? Double check. Plus we’ve included ticketing, customer intelligence and a range of administration and customisation options to provide you with everything you need to enjoy the benefits of a fully digitised and automated channel platform

Enterprise Resellers

Doing business should be simple and efficient. That’s why ChannelCenter provides the win-win of an open, agnostic and automated cloud-based ecosystem that seamlessly connects suppliers and buyers, offering them aggregated value propositions across the channel.

Our platform enhances the customer experience by guaranteeing customer convenience through self-service. You'll be able to recah further with an extended customer geography and expose customers to your full set of offerings. Not only will you be able to reduce operational costs but our opportunity analysis will allow you to identify gaps and increase sales. Because automation improves operational efficiencies, you'll be able to repurpose your operational staff and scale, so you can grow your way and work smarter, not harder. Talking about smart, through the use of data guided selling, we're able to help you find cross and upsell opportunities.


ChannelCenter provides the win-win of an open, agnostic and automated cloud-based ecosystem that seamlessly connects vendors and start-ups with buyers, offering them aggregated value propositions across the channel.

Start-up’s, ISV’s, Builders, Developers, Innovators, Inventors - these are the new mainstream vendors of tomorrow

We give start-ups a leg up by enabling them to use the best of the traditional ICT channel, which helps them to find reselling partners to generate revenue and grow their customers.

Starting-up can be tricky, particularly when it comes to finding, onboarding and managing customers. Here the right partners make all the difference. Being able to leverage established customer relationships allows for quicker market traction and a shorter time to revenue, which is crucial to success. Unfortunately, the current ICT channel is not designed to scale low revenue, early stage businesses.

Many starting out find that the high cost based operating model of traditional distributors and resellers restricts the adoption of new technology, however their end customers are in direct need of these innovative technologies in order to stay ahead of the market.

Channel Business Reimagined
Our platform brings a born-in-the-cloud digital paradigm to the distribution channel. We’ve reimagined what the channel can be so that we can offer start-ups business-changing benefits:

  • Instant access to established resellers.
  • Increased vendor visibility.
  • Improved reach into existing and new markets through an expanded, efficient distribution network.
  • Increased customer transparency and trust at every stage of the distribution process.
  • Simplicity and process automation for more efficient business.