Sales Automation

Replace manual and decentralised sales processes, with automated order management and fulfilment

FIG 1.1 Sales automation via the ChannelCenter platform.

The ChannelCenter platform enables complete automated order management and fulfilment. Starting the process, the end-customer requests a product or service from the reseller. The reseller then quotes the end-customer.

Once the end-customer has accepted the quote, the quote is automatically changed into an invoice, which is then sent to the end-customer for payment. Payment is completed, and the product or service details are sent to the end-customer in the form of physical product delivery details, product download location and key, or cloud service access. In the background, and unbeknown to the end-customer, the order has travelled from the reseller to the distributor, and into the vendor’s API to fulfil the order and return.

Increase the accuracy and efficiency of
transactional business


The entire order management and fulfilment procedure is managed digitally and in real-time, meaning information, payment and product flows are instantaneous and always on. Efficiency and accuracy throughout the distribution process is improved, passing on cost and time savings to all
channel intermediaries.


The cloud-based platform-as-a-service (PaaS) nature of ChannelCenter results in a highly configurable platform which doesn’t necessitate development work by the customer, making for swift and
efficient onboarding.

ESD, MSP & Cloud Enabled

The platform caters for a broad scope of distributors and resellers with ESD, MSP and cloud enablement, and offers a great customer experience, with users being able to generate quotes and orders simply
and quickly.

Optimise core channel operations

Quote Management

Obtaining the best price on a product is crucial to channel businesses, and as such it makes sense to have as much functionality around this aspect of channel management as possible. With the ChannelCenter platform enabling users via features such as tiered quoting, purchase order management and quote versioning, keeping this vital area of operations under control is simplified.

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Approval Workflows

As transactions flow through the platform system, they need to be subject to authorisation at various stages. ChannelCenter’s approval workflows enable companies to setup and control these authorisation procedures, ensuring that budgets are adhered to and minimising delays and time spent on these proceedings.

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Financial functionality has been specifically tailored to your business as a distributor or as a reseller.

Control margins throughout the quoting process

The ability to set and customise channel margin is an indispensable part of channel business operations. ChannelCenter enables companies to control their margin throughout the quoting process, as well as save time via features such as automated
volume discounting.

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Benefit from accurate, secure and fully synchronised
financial integration


Invoicing is one of the main operational pillars of any channel business, and it pays to be fully in control of this vital aspect. The speed, accuracy and visibility offered by ChannelCenter’s invoicing function provides platform customers with a digitally-enabled competitive advantage in this regard.

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Together with quoting and invoicing, payments comprise the backbone of the sales process and ChannelCenter’s platform makes the activity as seamless and as user-friendly as possible. Users can manage and adjust credit, whilst the platform also makes provision for EFT transactions in cases where full automation is not desirable or possible. In an attempt to broaden platform usage as much as possible, full integration with various popular payment gateways exists as well.

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ERP Integrations

A comprehensive and efficient ERP and financial system is vital to any business. By integrating into this system, the ChannelCenter platform ensures that accuracy is maintained, whilst eliminating added complexity via automated data syncing across various system metrics.

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Financial functionality has been specifically tailored to your business as a distributor or as a reseller.

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