Product Management

Enhance product information and boost awareness

FIG. 2.4 - Product information management.

Being able to manage products and pricing is vital to any business, and the Product Management feature enables a high degree of control in this regard.

Channel business can be a complicated arena when product and pricing need to be both easily accessible, as well as segmented to specific customer needs. The platform provides extensive, individual product management coupled with international product information resources, and offers the flexibility of customisable catalogues
for customers.

Provide customers with the right products, at the right price

Unique Customer-Specific Marketplace

Users can customise individual marketplaces to the product requirements of their customers. This can take the form of restricting vendors, flagging individual products and/or unique pricing in order to serve customers with relevant content.

Manage Pricing

Users can adjust and manage their marketplace product pricing at any time via the global quick adjustment feature which changes product prices across the Marketplace, or via individual product price adjustment.

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Extend business offerings with custom products
and services

Using the product setup area, users can easily create and manage products as required - of particular use in creating services which are offered to customers. A vendor is required to be set, along with product code, cost, imagery, descriptions and additional fields to form the product content. Contact details or assets which are required to be delivered for the service or product can be defined via the manual provisioning area.

Improve product accuracy with specific configurations

Vendor Partner Program Tiering

When setting up a vendor within the platform, vendor tiers can be implemented, allowing resellers to receive pricing as per their partner program specification.

Volume Discounting

Platform users can define discount price branding dependent on specific
product quantities.

Import Product Pricelists

To save time and effort, product pricelists can be imported to the marketplace from CSV files.

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