Offer self-service payment options

FIG. 1.9 - Online payment integrations.

Together with quoting and invoicing, payments comprise the backbone of the sales process and ChannelCenter’s platform makes the activity as seamless and as user-friendly as possible.

Invoice and shopping cart payments on the platform can be made via reliable and secure third-party payment gateways. The ever-growing selection accommodates user requests and specific requirements. ChannelCenter’s credit area also allows customers to request credit and platform users to approve, decline and manage the credit line. The platform also makes provision for EFT transactions in those cases where full automation is either not desirable or not possible.

Easily extend and manage customer credit lines

Credit Management

Credit management forms an integral part of overall channel financial management and as such ChannelCenter has developed specific functionality to address this use case. Users can manage various aspects pertaining to credit via the platform, including requesting and approving credit, as well as adjusting credit limits and defining financial terms and conditions relating to credit.

Automated Credit Adjustment

Credit transactions taking place on the platform are automatically reflected in the ERP system, an initiative designed to maintain system accuracy.

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Increase flexibility with various payment options

EFT Manual Collection Workflow

As usual there is provision for users who may not need or want automation and would prefer manual control. With this feature, users can upload proof of payment (PoP) details and send the PoP via the platform. The company receiving the PoP can view and accept it on the platform, triggering the fulfilment process.

Payment Gateways

Full secure integration with various commonly used payment gateways is available to platform customers through which to conduct payment transactions.

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