Accurate and simple financial information displayed
where needed.

FIG. 3.1 - Aggregated billing data dashboard.

Customer billing is a smooth and seamless process due to ChannelCenter’s API integration and is completely secure due to the platform's adherence to industry security standards.

Much like the rest of the platform interface, the electronic invoicing function is simple and user-friendly, and once the sales process is complete, channel intermediaries can bill their partners electronically with no hassle. As with ChannelCenter's automated product dashboards, final billing details are automatically calculated and updated on partner systems instantaneously. All partners within the platform can view billing details in real-time, and billing information is consolidated in an overview dashboard, aiding financial management and visibility.

Get real-time financial overviews at a glance.

One of the key aspects to the ChannelCenter platform is undoubtedly the information dashboards which are found throughout the system. Upon logging in, the user is immediately greeted with a homepage dashboard providing a high-level overview of important business statistics from within the system.

Dashboards are thus a very useful way to provide at-a-glance views of key performance indicators (KPIs) and enable users to gauge how well the organisation is doing on those particular measures.

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Speed up decision-making with analytics.

Revenue, Profit, Invoice and Payment Overview

Customers can view their overall revenue and gross profit totals at a glance without needing to delve deeper into the financial section of the platform. Users can easily view their total invoiced and payment amounts over a year to date period in graphical format, allowing them to see revenue growth or decline through the platform over the historical year.

Intuitive Graph Displays

Given that 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, and that visuals are processed faster in the brain than text, ChannelCenter has paid attention to including highly visual and intuitive graph displays within the financial aspect of the platform, to better give users a clear and simple overview of what is happening with their platform billing and finances.

Customisable Data & Credit Usage Displays

Platform users can view specific financial statistics by selecting a customised date range, which provides segmented data for business decisions at the click of a button. The platform also enables users to track and manage their credit usage through the system, providing them with an instantaneous and always-on view of their current credit situation.

Have options when it comes to billing and paying
for products.

Billing Methods

To cater for an IT environment of increased complexity, the platform caters for both linear and non-linear billing methods. With the rise of SaaS and cloud-enabled delivery methods such as ESD and cloud, the system incorporates frameworks for subscription as well as consumption-based billing. ChannelCenter also makes provision for individual purchases not affiliated with either of the above, on a once-off or
repeated basis.

Payment Types

As a vital part of the distribution process, it’s crucial that a wide array of functionality exists around channel payments. The platform’s various payment features cater to a broad range of scenarios whilst attempting to retain clarity and simplicity throughout. The use of payment gateways, credit line, and manual payment reconciliation allow users full control of their financial information on the platform.

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Increase control of channel credit.

Managing credit forms a large and important part of the IT channel billing and payment process. The platform makes provision for this with dedicated credit management functionality. Should customers find themselves in a position where they are wanting or needing to extend their credit with their reseller or distributor, they can request a credit extension via the platform.

The request will come through to the extending party who can approve, deny or place the request on hold. The action can also be accompanied with a message to the requesting party explaining why that particular action was taken. Should the credit extension be granted, the platform will allow further steps in the credit purchase to proceed.

Assist customers with their credit lines in real time.

Credit Adjustment Per Customer

Users can adjust individual customer credit limit amounts manually via the platform.

Define Credit Terms

ChannelCenter recognises that not all companies have the same sets of credit terms and thus makes provision for businesses to customise their individual credit terms, which are then automatically generated and included on each quote and invoice.

Invoice Settlement

The platform allows companies to settle existing invoices with credit should this be an acceptable transaction to
both parties.

Ecommerce Stores

Seamless integration means that company credit can also be used to purchase products and services on platform ecommerce stores.

Maintain accuracy with currency and exchange rate settings.

ChannelCenter offers a high-level of customisation throughout the distribution platform, and the Billing section is no exception. Users can customise many aspects of their platform billing operations to suit themselves, perhaps most importantly by setting both their own and their customers’ default currencies. ChannelCenter has designed system exchange rates to be controlled in a centralised space where administrators can regularly amend settings as required.

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